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Sunday, February 15, 2004
Recap of my life

Blogs are internet diaries... but public. You can put a padlock on these if you want, but well, fuck it... I have seen countless of these blogs around the internet showing how bland their life is. I suppose I wouldn't consider it to be so bland if the writer didn't expect us to know these people personally. Maybe that's the sign for me to stop reading... I don't know these people, I should stop reading. But I'm a nosey motherfucker, and nosey motherfuckers have to know about other people's business - don't they?

So; this leads me to inform you nosey motherfuckers what's happening in the world of Klegg Kool... (it's not like you know my real identity, is it?)

Last Friday I went to a party. A girl named, shall we say Rhiannon? Yes, that sounds like a good name to choose. She invited two guys and her girly friends from college and also some old friends (although whether some of the skater wannabes were her friends is debatable) from her old school. Hardly any mingling, big nice country house... nothing whatsoever to do. Very boring until the night-time when I had to share a room with a couple. Perfectly innocent... they're far too square to even consider anything sexual, I'm too tired to even think they're considering anything sexual.

So everything goes smoothly, I go home, and go to college on the Tuesday... (I scived on the Monday) and Rhiannon is mad at me. Why? Because the guy who's room I shared, called Rio (not really), told Rhiannon that I had a wank in her sister's bedroom. I laughed it off - not for a second would I expect Rhiannon to take Rio seriously; it was obviously a joking comment... expected if anything. I walk to the train station on my own with Rhiannon later that day - I haven't mentioned these "rumours" - but she seems really moody. I ask her what's wrong; she says she's tired. It's her birthday tomorrow, I have brought her a cute card, I almost like her. We catch the train, she is still really distant; I'm wondering why.

The next day I see Rhiannon, I give her the card; she says it's really sweet and seems pleased. I then notice she's gone to the train station without me; this time with her friend... I realise she has to be annoyed at me... she is blatantly avoiding me. I walk to the train station a little later, and she is sitting down. I sit next to her, and get to the topic of the wank. Without me even having a chance to fight my case, she says it's really disrespectful what I did... Hold the fuck up bitch, Rio was joking... are you so fucking blind you couldn't see the smirk on his face? The reason why everyone but YOU laughed about it. I'm disgusted at this, that she thinks I'm such a sex fiend (lol) that I would be so disrespectful. She dismisses the topic, saying she doesn't wanna talk about it. Well, fuck you too.

I get home, it's playing on my mind. I didn't realise she was so fucking deluded... I text her, quite sternly. It's her birthday -- oops! Am I going to spoil it? Not intentionally... but, the next day, I'm told by her friend that the text message almost ruined her birthday... yeah, well fuck you too. I finally confront her about it and even though Rio told her he was joking, she's still fucking in a mood. This makes her look so unattractive, and added to the equation that she's also a little Welsh... damn I don't know why I even bothered with her. This time on the train there are another three people sitting with us, along with Rhiannon, and makes the situation a little easier. Maybe the half-term break will mean we'll both forget about this, I dunno. Welsh bitches are fools, and they shouldn't be allowed to spawn... that's the moral of this story. If you're even 1% Welsh, a female, and called 'Rhiannon'... fuck off.

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