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Monday, January 19, 2004
Cowell says Madonna is a 'housewife'

Simon Cowell has described Madonna as a "housewife" who used to be good-looking.

This is hillarious. Simon Cowell has insulted Madonna. Madonna is possibly the greatest icon of pop music, and Simon Cowell possibly the greatest death of it. How the fuck can Simon Cowell even mention Madonna's name in the same room as him... This guy's ego is getting bigger than my cock, and that's a lot of inches - believe me. Simon Cowell uses pre-written shitty insults (I'm sorry but I would respect Bill & Ben the Flowerpot Men's opinion more than yours) on a light entertainment show. Alright, so behind the scenes he's made shitloads of money - but so has Rupert Murdoch and he's an Aussie wanker anyways, so nobody gives a shit about him.

Simon Cowell is digging his own grave here... He doesn't understand quality, does he? Madonna - I don't like her music, but it's pretty clear she's vital for the industry - alongside people like Kylie Minogue (not her fucking monging sister) and Sting etc. because she's an innovator, a trendsetter, and makes catchy music. Plus she is pretty damn erotic, and that can't be a bad thing! Watch the movie 'Body of Evidence' to see why. :)

Simon Cowell you are an arsewipe. I plan to go to your house, kick all your pets, kick your balls and then run. Wanker.

Exams are shit. Yes, they really are. How can so many years of learning be assessed in such a short period? Today I had to take my Maths exam -- two 45 minute papers that involved around 30 minutes writing altogether. Infact I spent more time sitting on my arse than I did doing work... what a waste of fucking time. Then I had a Application of Number exam which involved 40 multiple choice questions (I got so bored of Maths I guessed the last 10), however the invigilators actually did something decent.

They let us go when we were finished.

Yes, for the first time in the world, invigilators were shown to be human too... they let us go when we were finished. No more sitting around wasting our life staring at a sports hall wall, oh no, we could finish our papers with the knowledge that we could get up and leave. Now, if they installed this rule into every exam, I would be a happy bunny.

Problem is, I'm British. I can't be.

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