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Monday, January 26, 2004
Train Delays

Today was my first day of my new travelling schedule. A lift in the morning to the train station, get the train to college - and on the way home go with Sian and her friend who's name I have shamefully forgotton on the train and then catch the bus home. Now, this would have been fine apart from the fact that I encounted two fucking delays.

The first delay in the morning was alright, 26 minutes late but I wasn't late for college at all. In fact if the train had of been early I would have been in college faaar too early!

The second delay however, in the afternoon - where delays really piss you off - was 46 minutes! Meaning I missed my connecting bus, and if it wasn't for my friend Dan Wells to be coming home from his college and getting a lift from the train station I woulda been pissed off at the train delays. However, I managed to bear them today, but if it becomes a regular occurance I shall find the head of BR and throttle him.
Run-In With A Townie

Let me explain the set up in our college canteen. There is a huge shortage of chairs. Our group of friends is massive, and we all sit around the biggest table in the canteen. However, the canteen is pretty small, and so there's never enough chairs. To the left of our table are a group of townies who for some reason aren't trying to hotwire a wheelbarrow or smoke some daisycups, and as I entered the canteen - went on the search for a chair. I noticed a spare chair by the townie table and took it - they didn't seem to notice.. probably filling out a form for McDonalds or something.

However, a few moments later - a townie kid, dressed in Addidas Ford Market-stylee from head to foot decided to come up to me and ask for "his" chair back... with the backing of my Crawley and big, tough(ish) friends in the not so far distance, I decided I would give this townie fuck a run for his money.

Townie: This is my chair.

Ronnie: No.

Townie: Someone was sitting on it.

Ronnie: Yes, but now I am.

I get up.

Townie: Give it back.

Ronnie: I'm sorry sir, but this is my chair.

(the townie is on his own here, his short little townie friend is in shock)

Townie: It's someone elses.

Ronnie: Who?

Townie: She's, erm, gone to the canteen for some lunch.

Ronnie: Really sir?

Townie: Yeah.

The townie grabs the chair.

Ronnie: Are you starting something sir?

Townie: You want me to start something?

Ronnie: Not really sir.

Townie: Give me back my chair.

Ronnie: But I am sitting on it.

Townie: It's reserved for someone else.

Ronnie: I don't see the reserved sign anywhere.

Townie: You're a stupid twat.

Ronnie: Show me who's sitting here and maybe I'll consider it.

Townie: Twat.

Ronnie: Look who is being forced to use profanities, you are looking stupid in this situation sir.

The townie drifts off slowly, pissed off that because of the fact that he is living in a council flat, the coolest most popular boy in school stood up to him.

I own.

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