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Thursday, January 22, 2004
Punch-Drunk Love

Saw this movie earlier tonight and would just like to say that the directing and acting in this movie is superb. Infact this movie contained one flaw -- the little cheesy peephole transition in Hawaii, but the rest was amazing. Brilliant cinematography, amazing narrative - 10/10 film. It's so slow paced I really didn't think I would like it, but I finished watching the movie with a massive smile on my face - something I haven't had since watching something like Pulp Fiction or Trainspotting. Great movie - go rent/buy it now!
Internet Blog People

Browsing through the shit hole that is the internet I discovered a blog created by three people - oh who claim to be amazing, great, blah blah -- basically they stunk of wannabe arrogance... they think that sitting behind a computer and typing in a midly aggressive fashion will make them look cool/funny/shit...

Pretty fucking annoying and quite hard to digest... this newly acclaimed internet arrogance is making the internet an unhealthy place to be... forums, web sites, chat rooms are full of wannabe-arrogant twats who think that because their mum burst that hundreth blackhead today on their forehead that they can log onto the world wide web and act like they walk around their local town like a fucking yappy sod... obviously not the case if they are using the internet to talk about their lives and not a telephone/person instead.

You see the arrogance I display on this website is me... I am typing as I think, as I say, as I do. These people are typing as they would love to be percieved. Social outcasts looking for any kind of attention, and grabbing it when it comes - how little that may be.

It's a shame because the internet was so prospectful - it could of been a great place, but it's now given fuckers a chance to hide, and they're populating the internet... it sucks. I should really copy Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back and go to every internet retards house and kick the shit outta them, but I have to go to a party tomorrow night instead -- a little more important than shitty net nerds who will run up high phone bills, and due to being poor, not be able to keep their computers... ah it will all equal out eventually, and we will get a new equilibrium.

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